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A principled conservative who will work with both parties in Congress on behalf of all Californians
Don Adams

Fair Tax -
Your Money,
Your Decision
"Leading California Home" has the same unequivocal solution as does "Make America Great Again." The answer is somewhat simplistic and has absolutely nothing to do with race, creed, or religion. The essential requirement is Unity, which brings people together regardless of ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Unity brought America together on Sept. 11, 2001, and previously in WW II after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Without a sense of purpose, pride and patriotism, freedom cannot thrive and grow.

Unity doesn’t involve political parties, one's financial class, religious beliefs, gender, regional geography, or whether one is working class or a college-educated professional. Unity doesn't recognize fame or class of citizenship. Unity involves the heart and that is what matters. Curing what is in the heart is the only way to bring Californians together as one for a common cause and purpose. Uniting on issues which affect the safety of all citizens of California such as increased border security can help to remove the criminal element that threatens each and every one of us. No one should die due to someone living here illegally, be hurt financially by a plethora of lesser crimes committed by non-Americans, carry an unbearable tax burden to finance unnecessary programs, or be subject to the tragedy of drug addiction and the loss of a loved one because of an open border through which drugs are smuggled.

Lowering Taxes, both Federal and State, will bring more industry back into California creating jobs and lowering the high unemployment rate. When taxes are lower, it is a two-fold win for our beloved State, as it creates more revenue through increased spending and ultimately more tourism. If people are working and able to not only provide for their families but enjoy some of life’s extras because they have more disposable income, fewer people will leave the State. As a result, more homes are bought and businesses grow...everyone benefits!

A healthier economy flourishes when people are working and industry is in growth mode. If we want our Real Estate industry to grow, we need people to stay in California by finding good-paying jobs. We also need to make it easier for new home buyers to purchase homes. Home ownership happens when taxes decrease rather than increase.

As your Senator, I intend to work as closely as possible with our Governor to make sure that the people of California benefit from everything I do while serving in Congress.

With your united support, together we can lead California back home. With shared goals and a common vision, we can renew friendships, provide a better future for our children and once again feel pride in being part of the greatest nation on Earth. We do not need another national tragedy to bring us together. We simply need to define common goals that will benefit all Californians. With this purpose and vision, we become a strong formidable unit able to overcome all obstacles, and ultimately together, we will "Lead California Home."

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Elect Donald Adams to the U.S. Senate in 2018

May God bless you all for your support, help and devotion to a great State!