Adam’s Declared Stances



Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary Cities are Illegal!

A sanctuary city is a municipality or safe haven that has adopted a policy of protecting illegal immigrants by not prosecuting them for violating laws in the country or state in which they are now living. Illegal by Webster’s definition: unlawful, against the law. Since when do we choose which laws we obey and which laws we do not obey?

Was that question not answered by the Civil War?



Our Education

I will provide an opportunity for high school graduates to continue education in community colleges or technical college.

Students will have the opportunity to work full-time internship to get a grant for their college, and after graduating, those students will usually go into employment.

Others will have the opportunity to go on to a full college with a grant, providing that their GPA meets high qualifications. To prevent liberal teachers from giving out free college grants by always granting good grades, an entrance exam to prove their actual GPA will be needed.

This will help our economy, take the burden off of parents and help to create higher quality students.




Our Veterans

I sympathize with our vets, as I have served in the Coast Guard myself.

I will be supporting veterans to acquire better healthcare, qualified doctors, and nurses that will remain on staff instead of temporary. I will help find jobs for those that are able and want to work and to provide homes for our homeless vets.

As of right now, our veterans are being mistreated. We have a holiday to honor our veterans, yet we leave them on the streets to rot? They’ve served this country and agreed to lay down their very lives for our protection.

They, at the very least, deserve our best of respect and care.


The Second Amendment 

I support the right of all citizens that qualify to have firearms and carry concealed.

Is it honestly considered that our forefathers, some of the most ingenious and inventive minds ever created, never imagined the improvement of weaponry? 

If so, did they also never imagine the improvement of information? Then the first amendment would not apply to television, radio, or even the device you’re viewing this on.

But that would be absurd, you say! The first amendment applies, no matter how technology improves. The same argument goes for the second amendment. No matter how firearms improve, the second amendment applies.